Krabat Sheriff

In short

Krabat Sheriff S1 and S2 are active children’s wheelchairs designed by Krabat. The wheelchairs are for indoor and outdoor use, and is highly adaptable with numerous adjustment options.

The child sits on a saddle seat, which separates the legs from each other. The abducted hip position provides an open angle of the hips which tilts the pelvis forward into a neutral position. This, together with the widespread position of the feet, creates a large base of support. The result is a very stable position that reduces the need for upper body support.

Krabat Sheriff S1 and S2 have a compact and modern design that invites participation. The smart design draws attention to the child and not the chair. The wheelchair allows more freedom of movement and variation.


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Sheriff S1/S2 is a light weight indoor / outdoor wheelchair with slightly cambered propelling wheels. It has great precision and is very maneuverable. Sheriff S1/S2 is also suitable for children with impaired arm function. A compensation mechanism is available (optional) that makes it possible to maneuver the wheelchair with one hand only. This mechanism makes it easier for the child to steer straight ahead and adds minimal extra weight to the chair.  This patented solution is unique and is made only by Krabat AS.

The brake handle is assembled right at the front of the saddle to make it more accessible to users and assistants alike. The brake handle locks both wheels and can be operated with one hand only. Little strength is needed to turn the brake on and off.

The seat is designed to support the pelvis in a neutral and stable position which in turn allows the spine to maintain its natural curvature. The seat and back of the chair can accommodate a SWASH orthosis for children who require this. The upholstery is durable and machine washable. Stains can be easily be removed with a cloth.

Krabat Sheriff S1/S2 is suitable for children with a variety of diagnoses, and it is highly adaptable. The angle of the seat, the height of the seat and backrest, the width of the propelling wheels, and height and position of the footrests can easily be adjusted to find the optimum sitting position. All angles and positions can be set infinitely. The Krabat Sheriff S1 is available with  20” propelling wheels and the S2 is available with 24” propelling wheels.  A hip belt and footrests with straps are included as standard equipment. A push bar, tipping protection, splash guards, spoke guards and a variety of different waistcoats and support straps are optional. For children in need of extra upper body support, the Sheriff S1/S2 can be delivered with the Plus backrest and optional Plus equipment.

To fully benefit from the wheelchair, the child should have some truncal stability, however an independent sitting function is not necessary.

Anatomical benefits

Krabat Sheriff S1/S2 provides the child with a balanced and safe sitting position with dynamic postural control which enables the child to move freely at all levels.

The sitting position gives optimal joint stability and comfort. The two articular surfaces in the hip joint have maximum contact in the sitting position.

The sitting position can prevent complications such as muscle contractures, hip pain and sublucations may be prevented.

All major joints in the lower extremities become centered, which promotes normal muscle tone and muscle length. This is particularly important for the adductors, which are often tight in children with spasticity.

The spine can work actively in its natural curvature. The saddle seat can be adjusted to allow the pelvis to be placed/tilted in the correct position, giving the child’s spine optimum working conditions.

The saddle seat enhance an aktive sitting position rather than a passive.



In action



A spread sitting position provides many physiological benefits

Active seating

Lightweight and easy to maneuver, with extra option of one hand drive


The chair gives the child significant freedom of movement and variation

Active position

Chair for activities and social participation

Brake handle

The brake handle locks both wheels and can be operated with one hand


Each footrest can be individually adjusted


Pink textiles


Red textiles


Sand textiles


Grey textiles

Push bar

A push bar is available, and easily mounted and dismanteled

Compensation mechanism for one hand drive

Compensation mechanism for one hand drive

Plus backrest and headrest

Plus backrest and headrest is optional for extra upper body support

Anti Tip

Anti Tip guard(s) for improved safety

Knee strap

Flexible knee strap to keep legs in correct position

Clothing guards

Clothing guards to prevent extra wear and tear of users clothes

Spoke guard

Spoke guard

Technical drawing

Illustration Measurement Description Size 1 Size 2
Technical A Total width 52 - 60 cm 56 - 64 cm
B Distance between the drive wheels 39,5 - 47,5 cm 57 - 62 cm
C Width of the backrest 26,5 cm 31,5 cm
D Total length 66,5 cm 76,5 cm
E Length of Backrest 26 - 31 cm 36 - 41 cm
F Distance from seat to footrest 22 - 40 cm 19 - 44,5 cm
G Depth of seat (max) 28 cm 32 cm
H Height of seat 45 - 49 cm 47,5 - 52,5 cm
I Total height 70 - 79 cm 71,5 - 81,5 cm
J Camber angle 4 degrees 4 degrees
K Angle of backrest Fixed Fixed
L Angle of seat -15 to +15 degrees -15 to +15 degrees
M Distance between the footrests 17,5 to 35 cm 17,5 to 35 cm
Weight 7.4 kg 7.9 kg
Max. weight of user CE appoved up to 60 kg CE approved up to 60 kg

Article numbers

Krabat nr Article Image
400-3002 Krabat Sheriff S1, frame complete
400-3001 Krabat Sheriff S2, frame complete
400-3012 Krabat Sheriff Wheel kit, 20" S1 only
400-3010 Krabat Sheriff Wheel kit, 24"
400-3019 Backrest complete, Sheriff S1
400-3018 Backrest complete, Sheriff S2
300-3010 Backrest complete, Plus size 1
300-3025 Backrest complete, Plus size 2
400-3036 Cushion backrest Sheriff S1, pink
400-3037 Cushion backrest Sheriff S1, red
400-3038 Cushion backrest Sheriff S1, sand
400-3035 Cushion backrest Sheriff S1, grey
400-3024 Cushion backrest Sheriff S2, pink
400-3021 Cushion backrest Sheriff S2, red
400-3022 Cushion backrest Sheriff S2, sand
400-3023 Cushion backrest Sheriff S2, grey
400-3016 Sheriff Seat size 1 complete
400-3017 Sheriff Seat size 2 complete
300-1041 Cushion seat size 1, pink
300-1040 Cushion seat size 1, red
300-1039 Cushion seat size 1, sand
300-1033 Cushion seat size 1, grey
300-1048 Cushion seat size 2, pink
300-1047 Cushion seat size 2, red
300-1046 Cushion seat size 2, sand
300-1044 Cushion seat size 2, grey
300-1031 Hip Belt, Small - Medium
300-1032 Hip Belt, Large
300-1003 Ancle cuffs, size 1, pair
300-1004 Ancle cuffs, size 2, pair
400-3013 Anti-tip, Sheriff S1, pr unit
400-3026 Anti tip, Sheriff S2, pr unit
400-3014 Clothing guard 24", pr item
400-3015 Clothing guard 20", pr item, Sheriff S1 only
400-1112 Compensation mechanism for wheeling with one hand S1/S2
400-2146 Gel cushion
400-2164 Kneestrap
400-3027 Push bar Sheriff S1/S2
400-3030 Spoke guard, 20", S1 only
400-3028 Spoke guard, 24"
300-1020 Tray
Additional equipment for Plus backrest is listed with Krabat Jockey