Krabat Pilot

In short

Krabat Pilot is an innovative and unique type of crawling aid. Traditional crawling aids do not provide sufficient active assistance to lift the hips. Krabat Pilot does exactly this.

When a child receives help to lift his/her hips it becomes easier for him/her to place the knees under the body to facilitate crawling. The lifting movement that is provided by Krabat Pilot is dynamic, constantly changing as the child crawls. By using the Krabat Co-Pilot position and crawling system we give the child adequate friction on the surface and adjustable elastic bands to alternate the leg movements. These elastic bands will also guide the child into the crawling position and limit hip abduction.

Krabat Pilot requires individual testing and adaptation.



Anatomical benefits


Krabat Pilot is a technical aid that supports a child on their hands and knees. This position is the pre-stage to crawling and moving around. The Pilot assists the child up from the floor which helps to stimulate participation and play. Weight bearing through the hips and shoulders is very important for the child's motoric learning.

We strongly advise the use of the Krabat Pilot as early as possible while the child is motivated to get up on to his/her hands and knees, and crawl. The patented aid has a gas spring which gives the child a dynamic assistance to lift their pelvis. The amount of assistance given by the gas spring can be individually adjusted to meet the needs of the child. In addition, the height of the aid and the length of the board can be altered, making the Krabat Pilot suitable for children between the ages of 1 – 5 years. The optimal configuration for the end user is decided at an individual trial.

It is easy to place the child in the aid. Apart from a strap which is situated in the groin and buttock area the child is not fixed to the aid. This allows the child to move relatively freely, an important basis for crawling and the child’s well-being.

The Krabat Pilot is constructed to minimize the danger of injury to the child fingers. The padded board which the child lies on is soft and easy to clean.

The Krabat Pilot is modern and well designed. It is compact and easy to carry.


Krabat Co-pilot (position and crawling system)

Friction on the knees is important for crawling. The Krabat Co-pilot position and crawling system is developed to protect the child knees and give the adequate friction on wooden and linoleum floors.

Furthermore, it assists the child in moving the knees forward during crawling. An elastic band connects the knee pads to the aid, and/or connects the knee pads to each other. The elastic bands are limiting hip abduction and guide the child into the crawling position.


In action


Krabat Pilot

Krabat Pilot


Good training position

Active position for movement

Support a child on all four



Adjustment of hight

Variable setting, lowest posibility

Adjustment of hight

Variable setting, highest posibility

Board variations

Front board, outer position

Board variations

Front board inner position, back board inner posistion

Board variations

Back board middle position

Board variations

Back board outer position


Removable and washable cushion


Strap for correct positioning

Gas springs

Variation in lift

Standard Krabat Pilot

Standard equipped Krabat Pilot

Butterfly harness

Butterfly harness for correct position

Back strap

Back strap for fixation of the child


Adequate and correct friction for the knees is essential for crawling

Technical drawing

Illustration Measurement Description
Technical A Inner width 30 cm
B Width of the board 25 cm
C Length of the board 21 - 28 cm
D Total width 39 cm
E Height 15 - 21 cm
F Total length 31 cm
Weight 1.9 kg
Age From approx. 9 months
Max. weight of user 25 kg

Article numbers

Krabat nr Article Image
100-1001 Krabat Pilot
100-1010 Krabat Co-Pilot Positioning- and crawling aid, pair
100-1040 H-Strap, X-small
100-1041 Back strap
100-2001 Complete board, white
100-2002 Complete cushion, black
100-2003 Gas spring 160N