Krabat Jockey Plus

In short

Krabat Jockey Plus offers more support and possibilities for adaptations than the Krabat Jockey. The Plus version offers a higher comfort level compared with the traditional Jockey, and provides children with greater need of support all the advantages given by the saddle seat. The chair gives the child the possibility to sit in the abducted hip position for a longer period of time.

The abducted sitting position provides several physiological benefits, and this chair gives the child the opportunity for movement and variation.

The saddle seat promotes a neutral position in the pelvic and abducts the hips. This together with the support given by the footrests ensures stability to the lower body. The upper body is supported with a high backrest, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable side supports and a brand new innovative head support.

Krabat Jockey Plus has a compact and modern design, and can be used in places with limited space. The compact design puts the child in focus, not the chair.

The chair is very light and can be folded to make transport easier. A transport bag can be ordered as an accessory.

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The Krabat Jockey Plus is height adjustable and can be adjusted from floor level to the height of a kitchen worktop. The height of the sitting unit can be adjusted by pressing down the integrated operation key on the push handle. The chair is easy to operate, even for inexperienced helpers.

Krabat Jockey Plus is also available with electric height adjustment. The movement is easily controlled with a remote control. The battery is rechargeable, and when fully charged it will last for many days of regular use. Krabat Jockey Plus with electrical height adjustment is only marginally heavier than the manual chair, and has still got the same elegant appearance. Krabat AS can rebuild a manual Krabat Jockey Plus to one with electric height adjustment.

The saddle seat has an integrated cup holder which can also be used to attach a support handle or an adjustable table (accessories). The shape of the saddle seat prevents children from sliding forwards in the chair. This is especially important for children with spasticity. The front of the seat prevents the legs from getting stuck between the table and the seat. A child can wear SWASH orthotics whilst sitting in the chair, and sometimes the saddle seat can help to reduce the need for hip orthotics.

The upholstery is soft and gentle to the skin, but still durable. Spots can be removed using either a cloth and mild soapy water or machine washed at 40 degrees Celsius.

The height of the backrest can be adjusted into 5 different positions. The angle of the backrest can be adjusted infinitely, and the whole sitting unit can be tilted like the traditional Jockey. The side supports can be adjusted infinitely in height and width and the head support can be adjusted in all directions. The Krabat Jockey Plus also has solid attachments for different harnesses. All these possibilities for adaptations make it easy to obtain an optimal sitting position, also for children with greater needs of support.

The chair is black, but with a wide range of colour on the upholstery.

Krabat Jockey Plus has many possibilities for adaptations and is therefore suitable for children with a wide range of diagnosis. The chair is often used by children with CP, and other diagnosis resulting in tight/spastic adductors of the hip.

Krabat Jockey Plus is available in 2 sizes. Size 1, which covers the age of approx 2-7 years, and size 2 which covers approx 8-14 years.

The angle and height of the backrest, and the angle of the sitting unit, can all be adjusted without using tools. So can the height and all positions of the footrests. The side supports and the head supports can easily be adjusted using the accompanying 4 mm Allen key. All angles and positions can be adjusted infinitely, and the footrests can be adjusted separately. The optimal sitting position is not far away.

Hip belt, footrests with straps and side supports are standard. Head support, different harnesses, adjustable table, ankle cuffs, footrest-in-one and bag are accessories.

Krabat Jockey Plus is not a resting chair, but a chair for activities and participation.

Krabat Jockey Plus has a modern design with many possibilities for adjustment. The chair put the child in focus and gives the opportunity for mastering skills and social participation, combined with the abducted sitting position. 

Anatomical benefits

Krabat Jockey provides the child with a balanced and safe sitting position with dynamic postural control which enables the child to move freely.

The sitting position gives optimal joint stability and comfort. The two articular surfaces in the hip joint have maximum contact in the sitting position.

The sitting position can prevent complications such as muscle contractures, hip pain and subluxations.

All major joints in the lower extremities become centered, which promotes normal muscle tone and muscle length. This is particularly important for the adductors, which are often tight in children with spasticity.

The back can work actively in its natural curvature. The saddle seat can be adjusted to allow the pelvis to be placed/tilted in the correct position, giving the child’s back optimal working conditions.

The saddle seat enhances an active seating position rather than a passive. 


In action


Krabat Jockey Plus

With electric elevating/lowering

Krabat Jockey Plus

Equipped with headsupport, vest and table

Animation video

Use and settings of Krabat Jockey Plus

Krabat Jockey Plus

Balanced and safe sitting position

Krabat Jockey Plus

Enhance an active sitting position

Krabat Jockey Plus

Optimal joint stability and comfort

Krabat Jockey Plus

Wide range of positioning variations

Size 1

Size 1

Size 2

Size 2, with common footrest included

Seat angle adjustment

Easy adjustment of the seat angle

Head support

Many options for optimal head support

Side support

Easy adjustment of back and side support


Individual footrests


Footrest-in-one, optional


Electric elevation / lowering, optional

Side support

Adjustable side support for optimal back rest


Red textile


Sand textile


Pink textiles


Black textiles


Adjustable table


Bag for easy transportation

Ankle cuffs

Ankle cuffs for positioning feet on footrest-in-one

Extended lateral supp.

Extended lateral support

Waistcoat Neop.

Waistcoat Neophrene, available in sizes 1 and 2


H-Strap with opening in front, available in sizes S and M

Chest support neop.

Chest support neophrene, available in two lenghts

Head support

Anatomic head support with numerous adjustment posibilities

Push bar

Push bar

Support handle

Support handle

Technical drawing

Illustration Measurement Description Size 1 Size 2
Technical A Depth of seat (max) 28 cm 34 cm
B Angle of backrest -10 to -40 -10 to -40
C Angle of seat -20 to +20 -20 to +20
D Distance from seat to footrest 15 to 40 cm 25 to 50 cm
E Height of seat 39 to 79 cm 40 to 80 cm
F Total lenght when in use / folded 68 cm / 65 cm 98 cm/ 83 cm
G Total height when in use / folded 112 cm / 63 cm 124 cm/ 63 cm
H Total width when in use / folded 63 cm / 63 cm 66 cm/ 66 cm
I Width of backrest 23 cm 30 cm
J Height of backrest 34 cm to 39 cm 46 cm to 51 cm
K Width side support 15 cm to 22 cm 20 cm to 26 cm
L Height side support 15 cm to 30 cm 23 cm to 38 cm
Weight manual / electric 12.2 kg / 13.9 kg 16 kg / 17,7 kg
Age range Ca 2-7 years Ca 8-14 years
Maximum user weight manual / electric 65 kg / 50 kg 65 kg / 50 kg
Illustration Measurement Description Size
Technical A Width 14 cm
B Depth 8 cm
C Height 12 cm

Article numbers

Krabat nr Article Image
300-1101 Krabat Jockey Plus, complete, size 1
300-5004 Krabat Jockey Plus, complete, size 1, electric
300-5005 Krabat Jockey Plus, complete size 2
300-5006 Krabat Jockey Plus, complete size 2, electric
300-1003 Ankle cuffs size 1, pair
300-1004 Ancle cuffs size 2, pair
300-1015 Bag, size 1
300-4260 Bag, size 2
300-3013 Battery, Krabat Jockey
300-3014 Charger, Krabat Jockey
300-1019 Chest Support Neoprene, Small
300-1023 Chest Support Neoprene, Medium
300-4203 Complete seat and back, Krabat Jockey Plus, size 1
300-4204 Complete seat and back, Krabat Jockey Plus, size 2
300-1081 Extended lateral support
300-1064 Extra upholstry seat
300-3024 Fixing extension
300-1034 Flexible chest support
300-1024 Footrest-in-one
300-1018 H-Strap, Small
300-1022 H-Strap, Medium
300-1030 Hip belt, small
300-1031 Hip belt, medium
300-1032 Hip belt, large
300-1065 Head support, Krabat Jockey Plus, incl. textile
300-5010 Modification kit from manual to electric
300-1063 Positioning pillow
300-3023 Push bar
300-3012 Remote, Krabat Jockey
300-1066 Support handle
300-1020 Table, complete
300-1005 Textile set, black, Krabat Jockey size 1 (please spesify when Plus)
300-1009 Textile set, sand, Krabat Jockey size 1 (please spesify when Plus)
300-1010 Textile set, red, Krabat Jockey size 1 (Please spesify when Plus)
300-1011 Textile set, pink, Krabat Jockey size 1 (Please spesify when Plus)
300-4250 Textile set, black, Krabat Jockey size 2 (Please spesify when Plus)
300-4254 Textile set, sand, Krabat Jockey size 2 (Please spesify when Plus)
300-4255 Textile set, red, Krabat Jockey size 2 (Please spesify when Plus)
300-4256 Textile set, pink, Krabat Jockey size 2 (Please spesify when Plus)
300-3001 Undercarriage complete, size 1, manual
300-5010 Undercarriage complete, size 1, electric
300-4210 Undercarriage, complete, size 2, manual
300-5011 Undercarriage complete, size 2, electric
300-1017 Waistcoat neoprene, size 1
300-1021 Waistcoat neoprene, size 2