Not two children are alike. Some are more different than others, and the same applies to Krabat. Our products help children to participate, play and gain mastering skills and to take pride in being different.


Krabat was formed as a result of Tom-Arne Solhaug fathering a son with cerebral palsy a few years ago. For several years the frustration grew over the lack of aids that were available, and not at least the desire to have aids that did not exist. Krabat was started in order to make these aids. Tom-Arne Solhaug and Fredrik Brodtkorb founded Krabat AS in 2006.

The Krabat Concept

Krabat develops, manufactures and markets high quality aids for children and youths. Krabat’s products are innovative, functional and aesthetically attractive. Krabat never makes any compromises at the expense of product function, aesthetics or quality.

Mastering and progression

Krabat makes aids that facilitate mastering and progression. In order for the child to master the aid and to make progress, it must be fun and interesting to use. Krabat aids encourage activity; they are not passive products. With progression follows the need for other and, hopefully, fewer aids. When a child progresses to the extent that he/she no longer needs a Krabat aid, an important goal has been attained.

The "Krabats"

In addition to engineers, Krabat also employs its own physiotherapists, occupational therapist, industrial designers and technicians. All the necessary expertise required to develop and manufacture the pioneering products is found within the company.


Ugly-looking aids promote stigmatisation. Aids are often visible and used frequently, therefore an attractive appearance is very important. An appealing and functional design also contributes to the aid being used more often, and greater progress can be expected. Attractive aids give the child more dignity, which makes him/her feel prouder.

Function for all users

All the products are developed with children in mind, however all other users are also considered. Parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, kindergarten staff, school staff and many other individuals also use the aids. Because of this, Krabat places great emphasis on all the people involved with the child perceiving the aid as functional, purposeful and attractive.


An aid is rarely used in just one situation. The aid is transported and used both indoor and outdoors during winter and summer alike. Aids must therefore be adapted to a wide range of different usage situations and be easy to transport.


All Krabat’s products are seen as high quality products when it comes to their function, aesthetics and workmanship. Krabat’s staff are welcoming, provide good service and maintain a high level of professionalism. The company is certified in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001.

Product development process

The products are developed in collaboration with children, parents and professionals. All products are thoroughly tested and feedback is taken seriously. Modern tools are used in the product development process and test results are documented.

Krabat has a close and good partnership with designers, industrial designers, engineer groups and sub-suppliers at home and abroad.